Tag And Rename (音乐管理)

Tag And Rename (音乐管理) V3.9.7

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Tag And Rename (音乐管理)  Tag&Rename是一款方便的音乐文件管理工具。利用Tag&Rename你可以快速,容易地使用嵌入式的标签数据重命名你的音乐收藏,写入新的或编辑现存的标签信息,基于文件名产生标签信息,从freedb/amazon.com等服务器获得歌曲信息。 Tag&Rename现在支持mp3 (ID3v1, ID3v2.2, ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4 tags), MusePack mpc/mp+ (APEv1, APEv2 and ID3v1 tags), Windows Media wma, asf和wmv文件, Ogg Vorbis和Flac (vorbis注释), Apple iTunes 和 iPod aac (m4a) 文件包括mp4, 无损的m4a和保护的m4p文件, 大多数无损编解码包括monkey’s audio, wav pack, optim frog, flac, Apple 和 Windows Media无损格式


  标签编辑区分成三个标签页,一个标签页代表一种主功能,每个标签页间还可以用快速键切换。第一个标签页是更改音乐档文件名,和音乐标签没有关系,程序采用变数代替法,程序定义 %1为Artist、%2为Title,在标签页的右方就有完整列表,点选「Mask Editor」就可以快速编辑你的文件名,比如说你在Mask Editor填入%1 - %3 -%2,对应到实际文件名就是。

Tag And Rename (音乐管理)


  Tag And Rename v3.9.7 (02/06/2016):

  fixed bug in ID3v2.4 Unicode tags support

  fixed bug in files filtering

  minor fixes

  Tag And Rename v3.9.6

  "Add Folder Cover Art to Files Tag" function now check for folder.png file if folder.jpg does not exists

  improved ID3v2 support

  improved mp4 support

  improved aiff support

  Tag And Rename Portable v3.9.4更新内容:

  added "Save ID3 tag chunk as a last chunk in a Wav file" option in Advansed options

  added support for PCM float uncompressed wav files properties

  files searching and tags reading progress now visible on task bar button

  minor fixes

  Tag&Rename v3.8.7 (05/03/2015)

  - added "Auto Fit File List Columns" function into main menu -> View

  - improved behaviour of the "Part of a compilation" and "Podcast" check

  boxes in multi files tag editor

  - fixed cover images loading from Discogs

  - fixed bug in saving windows position

  Tag&Rename v3.8.6 (06/02/2015)

  - added Czech translation

  - added support for DSD256

  - fixed bug in big wav files support

  - fixed bug in mp4 files support

  - minor fixes and improvements

  Tag&Rename v3.8.5 (23/12/2014)

  - now double click on folder and file cover image in main window open this

  image in system default application

  - added Italian translation

  - updated Estonian translation

  - fixed bug in File Rename Strings saving

  - improved mp4 support

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